Conversational. User. Interfaces.

Friend or foe? We need to set new social rules for H2M relations. Traditional communication between humans and robots was based on simplified, regulated symbols – an artificial communication system between two languages: human and software’s.

The current H2M communication is gradually becoming based on our full, natural human communication system. This means that to us they’re becoming part of our normal social interactions – we turn to them when we’re lonely or need advice. Often they’re becoming our sole point of contact, esp. when we feel shame like in case of health issues. The discussion that already started is focused on the design, most often forgetting the issues of safety that uncontrolled or over controlled communication brings. Regardless the popular discussion on wheter we should grant citizen rights to intelligent robots, to what extend and on whose responsibility we’re advocating for the much more pressing need – regulating the mass-scale psycho-sociological impact of these technologies on patients and wider population.