Health Action Tank

Health Action Tank (HACT) is an independent research organization focused on digital transformation in preventive healthcare. We provide actionable insights that help scale tech solutions for noncommunicable diseases.

Our forecasting and trendhunting supports the development of digital health solutions since 2016

Towards Universal Health Coverage

Health Action Tank was biult on a belief that each person deserves an equal access to high quality, affordable healthcare.

And that digital health is in practice the only way to provide it.


Market Adoption

If we want to provide a wide access to quality health coverage, there are two issues to address – financing and volume.

Due to a growing number of patients with chronic diseases and lack of funding for preventative care, the digital health solutions need to address healthcare management in a new way.

Patient Engagement

From designing lifestyle health apps with IBM Watson Health, international standards for Patient Experience in interoperability, to AI Ethics Programs – we know what makes digital health tick.

The Founder

Agata Piekut is World Health Organization’s Expert on Digital Health.

She specializes in international market development for tech/digital ventures and sociolinguistic design.

She’s an author of two business books.

Best Insights on Digital Health Innovation